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The Mediaforte Quad X-Treme 256R 4-channel sound card is an explosive treat that breathes life into your games - with 256 voice wavetable synthesis surrounding you with 2 pairs of front and rear speakers channels

The effect is so distinctively REAL that you can react to gunshots coming from behind. It is compatible to Microsoft Windows, Microsoft DirectX, EAX and DOS games and supports on DirectSound, Wavetable and Direct3D positional audio which surpasses the PC 98 standard for audio quality.

The Quad X-Treme 256R is thus the most cost effective, practical, sound solution with the essential features of today's game requirement. It is the real solution for REAL sounds

Add to the amazing list of features, the Quad X-Treme 256R is also integrated with high precision digital FM Radio Tuner. Enjoy your favorite radio stations or use it like a radio clock.

(A) Features :


  • Audio Features 32 Bit PCI Bus Master, PCI 2.1 compliant
  • Fully Plug and Play compatible
  • Sound Blaster Pro compatible
  • Roland MPU 401 (UART mode) compatible
  • Supports Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0
  • Supports multi-channel EAX games, with 4-channel speaker output
  • 256-voice wavetable synthesizer
  • Effect synthesis with reverb, chorus, flange, echo on all wave and MIDI playback
  • Supports positional 3D audio and reverb under DirectX 5.0
  • Incorporates Q3D 2.0 Qsound Technology
  • AC '97 Codec with 48Khz sampling rate
  • Built-in MIDI Port and Joystick Port


  • Frequency range: VHF Band II (88-108 MHz)
  • 75 ohms Dipole Antenna to improve reception in PC
  • User-friendly GUI provides ease of tuning
  • Auto/Manual Station scan with 50 KHz precision
  • Alarm & Sleep functions to turn on/off to specific station
  • 20 Preset Stations / User selectable
  • Program in background allows you to listen to your favorite station in the background even while working on other programs
  • Radio recording and playback


  • Insures low system overhead for audio data transfer Plug-N-Play compatible
  • 32-bit PCI Bus Master, PCI 2.1 compliant Compatibility
  • Sound Blaster Pro, Roland MPU401 (UART mode)
  • Microsoft Direct Sound and MMSystem support
  • Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0
  • Microsoft Windows Sound System
  • Support Adlib Music Synthesizer, Real DOS Sound Blaster Pro
  • Multi-channel EAX games support
  • AC97 rev2.1 and PC98 compliance
  • Plug-and-Play compliance Wavetable Synthesizer
  • 20-Voice, 4-operator music synthesis HW with 20-Voice, 4-operator music synthesis hardware with professional 64-Voice Software wavetable for Symphony quality Sound in Games and Music
  • Programmable pan, tremolo, vibrato, rate conversion and tone filtering per voice
  • With a 256-voice software wavetable
  • Fully compliant to General MIDI
  • Advanced audio effects such as reverb, chorus, flange, echo on all Wave and MIDI playback
  • Support DirectSound and DirectSound 3D games in Windows 95 and Windows 98
  • Record, compress and playback 16-bit digital audio in stereo/mono
  • <0.5% PCI Bus Bandwidth for Playing 16-bits/stereo/44.1kHz
  • Enable Interpolate Sample Rate Conversion to improve the quality of sounds that are converted to different samples rates and Doppler effects
  • Low Signal-to-Noise ratio with superior split Digital/Analog implementation
  • High-quality AC'97 codec with 48kHz sampling rate
  • Full-duplex operation for simultaneous recording and playback
  • Experience dynamic 3D positional audio under DirectX™ 5.0 or later on all Microsoft DirectSound3D
  • Hear sound above you, below you and approach you from every direction in 4-channels
  • Q3D 2.0, QSound Technology, Inc. uses reverb to enhance the qualities of the surrounding environment
  • Enable Reverb supports games taking advantage of Creative's EAX™ Environmental Audio Extensions™
  • Select default environment to preset to your personal preference for non-EAX DS3D game titles
  • 7-channels record source and playback mixer with stereo inputs for Line, CD-audio, Music Synthesizer, Auxiliary input, Video input and mono inputs for Phone, PC speaker and Microphone
  • Selectable mixing of input sources for recording and playback with programmable volume controls
  • Mixer-controlled record and playback with 32 steps logarithmic master volume control
  • Roland MPU 401 (UART mode) port with FIFO emulate for Sound Blaster MIDI port
  • Standard PC joystick interface
  • Complete Sound Blaster Pro game compatibility over PCI bus using PC/PCI DMA, and Distributed DMA, Serial IRQ
  • Support Real DOS games in DOS mode or DOS box on all Pentium and Pentium-II machines
  • Full-duplex support for InternetPhone and Microsoft NetMeeting for two-way conversation on the Internet

(B) System Requirements:

  • IBM® PC or compatible Pentium® with CPU 133 MHz or equivalent
  • 16MB of RAM (32MB if software wavetable 4MB sound library is used)
  • Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT4.0 or MS-DOS 6.0 or higher
  • Approximately 16MB of space on your hard disk
  • CD ROM drive
  • VGA monitor
  • Microsoft DirectX version 5 or later
  • One pair of powered stereo speakers or headphones
  • Second pair of powered stereo speakers that give four channels "QUAD" mode for additional 3D sound immersion. (Optional)


(C) Bundle Softwares:

The SF256-PCPR PCI sound+radio card is bundled with a few software applications as listed below:

EzAudio AudioRack Application (Win95/98/NT)

EzAudio is a simple audio rack application for playback of audio CD, MIDI and WAV files. You may also use the EzAudio to record WAV files.

Yamaha Soft-Synthesizer Application (Win95/98)

Yamaha SoftSynthesizer™ S-YXG50 allows you to play back MIDI files on your computer without using a hardware tone generator. Its high fidelity sounds, match the sounds from an authentic tone generator, are based on and realized by advanced MMX technology. The S-YXG50 transforms your computer into a music synthesizer.

RadioAKTIV Navigator (WIN95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP):

RadioAKTIV features 20 user-definable station settings for you to tune into and lock in your favorite stations for total convenience. And auto station scanning in addition to the conventional manual tuning. For precise tuning, it allows fine tuning at 50 kHz resolution.

RadioAKTIV includes handy Scheduler:

The Radio Scheduler schedules tasks for a radio program. It takes in inputs from the user and writes to the registry. When a scheduled task hits the clock , the scheduler will launch the radio program.


(D) Package Contents:

- 1 x CD Software
- 1 x Quad X-treme Radio 4 Channel Sound Card
- 1 x Dipole Antenna Cable
- 1 x
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