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  • WinXP/2K/ME/98SE driver & applications
    dated  01/ 2004 , 2.71 MB
  • KEYCOM - Support Office 2003  
    dated  08/ 2004 , 92 KB
  • SDK for Radio Xtreme  
    The zip file contains:
  • -          VidzRadioProdTest app and source code:- This is a Windows application that will demonstrate how to use the VRLib DLL. It also demonstrates how the device can listen to remote controller commands.
  • -          VRLib library and source code:- This is the core component in which any 3rd party Windows application developer can use to develop their own Windows application. For non-Windows developer, they will have to write this module on their own. The communication protocols are all demonstrated in this module.
  • -          Documentation:- This is just a brief documentation on how to use the VRLib’s functions when programmed in Windows environment.

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